Lehel Partners - 

Creating Deals 

is Our Art

Our areas of expertise include advisory on the sale of companies, strategic acquisitions, growth capital and other financing instruments.

To this end, we make full use of our extensive resources and energy.

Not only financial success, but also the realisation of your personal goals, is our guiding compass.

We see things through right to the end!

We Are the Good Fellows

As part of a family office, we are completely independent of banks, funds or other institutions.

We are deeply involved in the business and manage not only your project but also our own investments.

Our team has more than 100 years of practical experience in advisory, investment banking, management and entrepreneurial investments. This makes us experts on analysing, networking and implementing your project.

We have a high level of sector expertise in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, as well as in the digital economy and green technologies.

We work without conflicts of interest. The highest level of professionalism is essential for us.

In our firm, decisions are not made by hierarchy, but by competent project groups.

Where appropriate, we draw on a large network of top performers from industry and advisory to lead your project to optimal success.

We Also Have a Lot of Skills and a 
First-rate Network


Healthcare, publishing/media (digital and print), telecommunications, mobility, electronics Components, manufacturing systems, engineering, logistics, real estate, food/nutrition, fast-moving consumer goods, sporting goods, banking/fintech, green technologies


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Turkey

Functional competences

Strategy, business-plan design, quantitative valuation models, process organisation, negotiation experience

Value is the Name of the Game

The transaction value for you is created when we have...

... understood your basic objectives,

... reviewed and optimised the state of preparation,

... defined the achievable goals with you,

... thoroughly planned the implementation of the project,

... defined the specific responsibilities involved,

... carried out the necessary market analysis 

... and identified and enthused the appropriate transaction partners.

As you can see, all this is complex, but with us it is in the best hands.

The Scope of our Services

Pre-Transaction Advisory 

  • Strategy review
  • Business plan review
  • Review of documentation

Company Sale

  • Succession planning
  • Mergers
  • Distressed sales

Distressed sales

  • Strategic acquisitions
  • LBO
  • MBI
  • Buy & Build
  • Technology upgrade


  • Seed und Series A + B-financing rounds of Startups
  • Growth capital for SMEs

Alternative Financing

  • Mezzanine
  • Debt capital
  • Silent partnerships
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Fine trading

Management of the Transaction Process

  • Preparation phase (fit for transaction)
  • Marketing phase
  • Due diligence phase
  • Negotiation phase
  • Closing phase

Analysis First

Pre Transaction Advisory

Pre-Transaction Advisory

80% of all transactions fail or do not achieve a satisfactory result because of a lack of preparation.

20% of all transactions meet or exceed the expectations of the parties involved thanks to excellent preparation.

That is why we offer you help in uncovering possible “skeletons in the closet”, such as

- the lack of a future strategy

- no USP or a not properly positioned USP 

- an inadequate digitalisation concept

- inefficient operational processes

- inefficient/outdated technology

- inadequately staffed management

- unfavourably staffed supervisory board

- complex shareholder relationships

- legal risks such as ongoing court proceedings

- tax risks

- incomplete documentation/documents

We Find the Right Guys

We select the best targets and partners, e.g.

... private equity funds, PE firms, family offices,

... strategic buyers for SMEs,

... VC investors for advanced start-ups

... and interesting targets for planned acquisitions.

We also look f... an appropriate financial basis,

... an appropriate corporate culture,

... given transaction security,

... the fulfilment of ancillary conditions,

... and any restrictions, e.g. through antitrust law or approval procedures.

For the identification we draw on a large database, our own research and our broad network.


Close the Deal...

- support in concluding a detailed Letter of Intent with all important parameters

maintenance and acceleration until closing

- support with stringent due diligence

- clarification of required board approvals

- initiation of the necessary public approvals

- coordination of lawyers, tax advisors, etc.

- patent attorneys

- assistance in resolving outstanding issues between the parties

- prioritisation of various alternatives

- negotiation support until signature

- documentation of the process

Lehel Partners - 

The Dealmakers